KAPO Annual Membership Letter


September 7, 2021

It was only in May of this year 2021, that we have been able to have our monthly meetings at the Family Pancake House on Kitsap Way. Two more are scheduled for this year September 30th and October 28th. We suspend those meetings in the months of November and December because of the holidays and often travel plans of our members. Thus, we hope you can join us and learn what is going on in the County and how you can be involved.

Your Board of Directors, however, conducts monthly meetings all 12-months of the year and these are “in person meetings.” Within this last year your KAPO Board has had a focus on housing issues to limit the adverse impact of “more regulation” ( often not needed), on the cost of our new single-family homes and our rental market for apartments. Of course, we recognize the COVID pandemic impacts that have artificially limited our supply of building products. Such cost factors we believe will be a relatively short-term influence, but regulatory measures, if left unchecked will continue to be and become the dominate reason our houses, both new and existing cost more than our average citizen, i.e., our medium income households can afford.

Some of our members have been a part of our organization since its inception in the year 2000. We very much appreciate your continued support. Property and home owners as well as those with an affiliated interest have a common concern about the affects and impacts of regulatory measures adopted by our Washington State Legislature, our Board of County Commissioners and our City Councils. These ordinances affect the ways we can use our property, or not in some cases. More important, such new and existing legislation can be viewed as an incremental abridgement of the rights and privileges that are guaranteed by both our US and Washington State Constitutions. So, that which began some 21-years ago has the same abiding mission going forward.

As KAPO members, we care about, the quality of life here as well as the rights we have as land owners – for the whole of the County. We know too, that “quality of life” is not enhanced by unneeded regulations. Rather, our perspective causes us to focus on how “rights” are preserved and balanced by appropriate legislation when needed. We do not therefore believe in “regulation for regulation’s sake,” or that our need is somehow manifest in what may or may not be appropriate or have been adopted in another county or city jurisdiction.

We have a by-word in this organization, really a starting point for any consideration of legislation …… “what is the problem you are trying to solve?” Our next question is: “what existing remedies exist that could remediate the problem?” If legislation is the likely solution, then “what is the least impacting measure that can be imposed? We want to know too, if in the passage of legislation by our elected officials, if they have “counted the cost” of imposing new regulatory measures?” And finally, we want to know if our elected officials are brave enough to make an assessment of existing regulations and repeal those that are not needed or more restrictive than is necessary to address current problems.

We wish we could report that our elected officials both State and local had the discipline to perform such analysis before adopting plans and ordinances. Sadly, that is not the case and is the reason KAPO has a role to play for the foreseeable future. In that regard, here are the issues and proposed legislation we have addressed or are testifying about:

  • Lack of effective citizen participation, which involve citizens in a participatory way and not just inform them about what the County is going to do to them.
  • Oppose the new increase in “traffic impact fees” applicable to new homes that raises the assessment from $700.00 to over $4,000.00 that is set to go into effect on February 1, 2022.
  • Oppose features of the recently passed “Storm Water Design Guidelines” that were finally adopted in early 2021 and the “Update to the Shoreline Master Program,” adopted in June of 2021 that introduced some 20-new un-mandated regulations.
  • Continuing objection to the proposed Zoning Ordinance – Use Activity update that is introducing a host of new regulatory measures set to be adopted later this year.
  • Gearing up for the Comprehensive Plan Update process to commence in early 2022.
  • Building alliances with the Kitsap Building Association, the Kitsap Association of Realtors and the Kitsap County Real Estate Brokers in North, Central and South Kitsap County.
  • Maintaining our KAPO.org website to provide our membership and others timely information about the above issues and more.

It is hard to match the dedication of your Board members. In that regard, we hope that others in our organization might aspire to become more involved. The Board can always use your individual and perhaps collective help. Regardless, what keeps this organization alive and vital is your yearly support. Without KAPO, what other organization would or can represent the rights of people to own and use your property as provided in our State and US Constitutions?

Our membership fee is set at $120.00 per year and on behalf of your Board of Directors we are grateful for not only your renewed membership but also whatever donations you might want to make to facilitate our organizations activities and on-going expenses. Donations are taxdeductible and we have forms to submit with your tax returns if needed or desired.

Again, thank you for your continued support.

William Palmer President

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