Our Mission

Mission Statement

  1. To free private property from unreasonable government regulation.
  2. To work for responsible wildlife habitat protection and for conservation of natural resources.
  3. To support those who defend the rights guaranteed to owners of private property by the U.S. and Washington State Constitutions.

Purpose Statement

Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners is a legal corporation under the laws of the State of Washington. According to its bylaws, the purpose of the Kitsap Alliance is “to protect and preserve property rights of owners of waterfront and streamside real property and all other privately owned property.”

To achieve that purpose membership is open to “Any person or corporation that is interested in forwarding the purposes of this corporation as described in Article III of our by-laws and is willing to pay the applicable annual membership fee … and either is a resident or owner of real property … within Kitsap County, Washington may become a member of this corporation upon receiving the affirmative majority vote of the Board of Directors.”

Because membership is not universal to all property owners in Kitsap County, we do not speak for or represent the views of all property owners in the county. We do endeavor to protect the rights of all property owners regardless of membership status.

Kitsap Alliance does not ascribe to the platform or ideals of any particular political party and, to facilitate achievement of its corporation purpose does not endorse or support any candidate for political office. Membership does not consider the political affiliation of a prospective member. Kitsap Alliance does not represent or favor any particular economic interest or business group in its endeavors except as may be common to the purpose of the corporation.

Kitsap Alliance does not represent nor are we represented by any specific land use business or organization.

Through the Constitution, the people vest the authority for land use policy and regulation to the State. To achieve the corporate purpose “to protect and preserve property rights of owner s of waterfront and streamside real property and all other privately owned private property‚”

Kitsap Alliance must deal in the arena of elected officials who do have political affiliation. In those dealings, the organization maintains a primary objective interest towards those officials that support the corporation purpose, without regard to political affiliation.

Kitsap Alliance welcomes all individuals, groups and businesses that have an actual vested interest in private property or who are interested in property rights and/or the use and regulation of real property to the arena of discussion.

Kitsap Alliance understands that not all participants will operate with the same non-partisan approach that we embrace.

Kitsap Alliance welcomes civil discourse and the exchange of fact-based positions when dealing with questions of rule or regulation of land use.

Kitsap Alliance has no interest in opposing any group or special interest organization because of composition of membership, political affiliation or lawful activities unrelated to land use.

Kitsap Alliance is specifically and categorically opposed to any group or unit of citizens or businesses being given separate and special recognition or ascendancy in the development or approval of land use regulation.

Kitsap Alliance believes it is inappropriate and contrary to the best interest of citizens in general when government grants special authority or favored access to the legislative or regulatory process to groups and associations including the Homebuilders Association, Realtors, Nature Conservancy, federal/state agencies (other than as required by law), Tribes, appointed community councils and others.

Kitsap Alliance believes that special interest groups and organizations mentioned above are certainly welcome to participate in the process but must do so on an equitable basis with all other citizens.

Because land use regulation enacted at the local level, county or city has the greatest impact on citizens and presents the greatest direct threat to property rights, Kitsap Alliance has placed significant oversight effort at those levels.

Kitsap Alliance strongly supports the legal delegation of authority by the people to the State through the Constitution and Kitsap Alliance functions to hold elected officials within the limits of that delegated authority.

Kitsap Alliance has opposed and will continue to oppose and take exception to the creation of quasi-governmental bodies such as Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council and Puget Sound Regional Council which function outside the legal structure of Constitutional jurisdictions and which contravenes the clear flow of delegated authority spelled out in the Constitution.

Kitsap Alliance will remain opposed to the creation and operation of any board, commission or council which acts as a legislative body or attempts to exercise regulatory jurisdiction over the citizens of the State.

Kitsap Alliance will also hold any elected official who creates or countenances such boards, commissions or councils accountable for their actions.