Welcome To The Kitsap Alliance Of Property Owners

Family Pancake House 3900 Kitsap Way, Bremerton WA 98312 Thursday May 25, 5PM meet, greet, and order no-host dinner.

    • KAPO Meeting, Family Pancake House 3900 Kitsap Way. Bremerton. Come early, meet, mingle and order your no-host dinner; meeting begins at 6pm.Speaker: Ken Erickson, is a Central Kitsap Fire District Commissioner. He will be speaking on developments in the district.

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Our Mission 

  1. To free private property from unreasonable government regulation.
  2. To work for responsible wildlife habitat protection and for conservation of natural resources.
  3. To support those who defend the rights guaranteed to owners of private property by the U.S. and Washington State Constitutions.

Kitsap Housing Supply is in Crisis

“Housing Affordability” vs. “Affordable Housing”

It’s not about “affordable housing,’·
It’s about housing people can afford to buy.
There’s a big difference.
What brought on the French ‘revolution?

Today in Kitsap County, 1 in 15 families are struggling with poverty due to extreme property regulation.

Kitsap County Commissioners have advised us of our critical housing shortage Click here

  • There is a current shortfall of 9500 units to house 4524 families.
  • The housing shortage grows to 34,650 units in 16 years.
  • 515 housing units are currently being built in Kitsap County.
  • 1,480 new housing units per year are needed to satisfy current growth.
  • Without correction, the problem grows worse each year into the future.

Without correction, the problem grows worse each year into the future.
Discretionary income allows freedom of choice and liberty. Home ownership is the bedrock of personal dignity. High taxes and excessive regulation destroy and undermine both freedom of choice and personal dignity. Housing is typically a family’s largest discretionary income cost. As we learned in “Economics 101”, supply and demand determine prices. Reducing the cost of housing allows discretionary income to be spent elsewhere, creating jobs and tax revenue.

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“ Administrative Law and Your Rights as Property Owners”

Our Federal and State Constitution require all laws be voted on by Congress or the Legislature. Our County Government is using Administrative Law to regulate and enforce current and proposed future regulations that may directly affect you, the property owner. These rules and regulations are written by unelected county employees to benefit their own agency agendas or the County Departments themselves! Is this even legal?

Learn how these Administrative rules and regulations written by unelected employees of the County can ultimately cost you money! Know your Property Rights!

Adminstrative Law Town Hall Oct 2015 Presentation

Get Involved and Speak out!

Who We Are  

Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners is a legal corporation under the laws of the State of Washington. According to its bylaws, the purpose of the Kitsap Alliance is “to protect and preserve property rights of owners of waterfront and streamside real property and all other privately owned property.”

We welcome all individuals, groups and businesses that have an actual vested interest in private property or who are interested in property rights and/or the use and regulation of real property to the arena of discussion.